With over 41 billion in combined assets, the Principals of Lincoln Lane are ready, willing and able to proceed with the project with their own financing and have proven track record to show for it!

The City of Miami Beach has proposed a development RFP that should ideally enhance, reinforce the vibrancy of Lincoln Road; improve connectivity, enhance/create a public amenity; and include retail or other commercial uses, with appropriate parking. Lincoln Lane developers have listened to the city and are proposing to accomplish those goals while delivering the best economic return to Miami Beach. Lincoln Lane’s economic engine stems from the hotel component which diversifies Lincoln Road’s economy by bringing the only Hotel to the area. The Hotel patrons combined with increased parking will bolster and strengthen the economic activity of Lincoln Road and Miami Beach. In addition affordable rental rates will give small, local businesses the support to build their brands.

Doing What Miami Beach Needs

  • Guaranteed Plus Percentage of Revenue Payment
  • Guaranteed Tenants
  • Affordable Rental Rates Per Square Foot
  • 535 Public Parking Spaces
  • Resort Tax Revenue
  • Financial Strength to Fund Entire Project